A group of students and alumni of University of Westminster, UK, are calling on the university to apologise for a Facebook post where they were called ‘racist’ by an undergraduate student

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Exeter University has apologised for a post that said students at its campus were “racist” and “disgusting”.

Exeter University students who made the post have now apologised for the comments.

They were made on the page of an undergraduate named James M, who was not a member of the student body.

James M said the post was not meant to be taken as a defence of the students’ views.

“I made a post on my Facebook page yesterday and I was very upset with the students,” James said.

He said the comment was meant to show how people who disagreed with his views were “disgraceful”.

“I think the post is offensive.

James M posted the comment on his page after receiving a complaint that some students at the university were racist. “

I think it is very disappointing that people have a view that I do not share and are taking offence to that.”

James M posted the comment on his page after receiving a complaint that some students at the university were racist.

In the post, James M said he did not agree with the university’s stance on same-sex marriage.

“[It] is clear that the University is not the same as the UK,” he said.

He added that some of the comments were “outrageous and disgusting”.

“Some of the messages in the post are very crude and mean,” he wrote.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that people in our university are racist and are using these vile and hateful comments to justify their hateful and ignorant views.”

In a statement, Exeter said it would “consider any feedback and issues raised”.

Examining the postA spokesperson for the university said: “We apologise unreservedly to Mr M for the way the post has been received by some of our students and the community.”

We have a zero-tolerance policy on racism and hate speech and we take the concerns raised seriously.

“The university will work with students to find ways to improve our environment, including a new policy to make it clear when comments that are offensive are unacceptable.”

A spokesperson said Exeter’s new Diversity and Inclusion Policy was “currently under review”.


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