Auburn University forum: “I didn’t get any information about this, but I have to ask”

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Posted by The News & Post on Saturday, November 21, 2018 05:20:15 Auburg, Alabama — Auburn students and faculty are questioning the University’s handling of a sexual assault case involving a student and his father, who is black.

AUBURG — The university has responded to an anonymous complaint from a parent and student that alleges the school mishandled the case, a student said Monday.

The student, who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly about the case publicly, said he has not received an official response from the school.

It’s a very personal issue, he said.

“I don’t know if the administration has done anything about it,” the student said.

The school’s interim president said in a statement that the student’s father is black and that the university will take “appropriate action” in response to the student and the allegations. “

If I’m not going to take the time to read the report and see what the details are, I just don’t want to know anything about this.”

The school’s interim president said in a statement that the student’s father is black and that the university will take “appropriate action” in response to the student and the allegations.

This individual will not be permitted to speak on campus, and the university is taking appropriate action to address this individual, said the statement.

At this time, the university has not made any further comment, said Lisa Rolfes, the interim president.

Earlier in the day, the school’s student government said the school has an affirmative action policy, but the administration hasn’t clarified whether that includes a policy regarding race.

Students, faculty and staff who identify as black or Asian have said they face a disproportionate number of sexual assault cases.

In recent weeks, several universities have been forced to defend affirmative action policies, which require universities to use a set of criteria in order to admit students from minority groups.

Black and Asian students face a higher incidence of sexual assaults and other sexual violence, according to the National Coalition for the Civil Rights of Black People.

Rolfes said the student is one of the students who filed the anonymous complaint with the university’s student newspaper, the Auburn Daily Post.

Some of the other students, the student alleged, have accused him of sexual harassment.

On Nov. 18, the victim’s father sent a letter to the university detailing the sexual assault and alleged bullying that occurred in 2015.

His complaint, which was shared with The News and Post, alleges the student, a sophomore, was assaulted while walking home from a party in a dormitory, and that he was sexually assaulted at a party by the student who had attended the party.

According to the complaint, the boy told the student that he didn’t want him there, that he wouldn’t have sex with him and that they would go to the police.

After receiving the letter, the dean of the student services office at Auburn University sent a statement to the campus community saying she was aware of the incident.

She said the campus was working with the student to help him get a lawyer, and she was “aware of the concerns that have been expressed” by the family.

When contacted by The Associated Press on Monday, Rolfers’ office confirmed the letter was sent.

Since the letter came out, Ralfes said she’s received many more calls from students and other members of the community about the incident and about how the school responded to the incident, but she has not heard back from them.

If I wasn’t so worried about my safety, I would just say, “I am so sorry,” she said.

“If they don’t have any evidence, then why not have an investigation?”

I think the university did an outstanding job.

The administration is handling this very, very well.

It’s a good, clean investigation.”

In a statement sent to The News&Post on Monday afternoon, the campus said it is “actively working to address the concerns of our community” and that students and staff have been notified about the student.

For the first time, Rufes said, she could not confirm if the student was expelled or suspended.

As for the letter from the student about the assault, she said it was sent to the family “without prior notification.”

“It’s very difficult for me to comment on the specific allegations in the letter,” she added.

Although it is a private school, Ruffles did not want to comment specifically on the case until the case is resolved, and it would be inappropriate to say anything more than that, she added, because of the sensitivity of the case.

To be clear, there is no allegation that the accused student is black or that the incident is related to the University of Alabama.

An internal investigation is ongoing and is expected to take two to three months to complete, Raul said.


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