Australian universities summit university forums to be streamed live online

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The Universities and Colleges Australia (UCA) will host the second UCA Summit university forum on Wednesday (AEST) and Thursday (local time).UCA President Stephen O’Connor will speak at the first UCA Forum on Thursday, July 31, 2018, and the third UCA forum on Friday, July 32, 2018.

UCA Chairman David Evans said the forums were the next steps in the UCA’s engagement with the broader community.

“The Forum’s focus is on making the UWA’s campuses and tertiary campuses more welcoming, inclusive and accessible,” he said.

Mr Evans said this year’s Forum was a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, the University, the National University of Singapore and the Australian Council of Unions (ACU).

“In 2017, the UFA had a national day of action against the silencing of the voices of Indigenous students, which saw students and staff speaking out in support of Indigenous rights,” he added.

The UCA is currently reviewing its student participation policy and the role of students in its governance structure.

It will also have a new student policy for 2018, which will include a new focus on “community engagement and inclusion”.

UWA has a strong history of community engagement and engagement with students.

In 2016, the university’s Indigenous students were recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative groups of students. 

“I am proud to be part of the UEA community and I would like to thank the many students who have shared their perspectives and ideas with me in this process,” Mr Evans said.

“I hope this will create a better future for Indigenous students and their families.”

The UFA has been working closely with the University and with the National Union of Students for the past four years to develop a new Student Participation Policy for 2018 and the new Student Councils, which I am proud of.

“Mr Evans will give a speech on Thursday (AEDT) and Friday (local hours) at the second Forum.

He will also host a panel discussion on Indigenous issues at the third Forum on Friday (AETT) on Thursday.



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