EY interview with University recruiter Michael Wicks – interview with The Irish Sun

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Posted August 03, 2018 12:07:31AUSTRALIA’S largest tertiary education organisation has been asked by the Department of Education to provide a response to a report by The Irish Mirror that said its recruitment team was struggling to find qualified staff.

In a response letter sent to the organisation’s managing director, Michael Wacks, Education Minister Katherine Zappone said the Government had received a number of complaints about recruitment problems and “lack of leadership” at the tertiary sector.

The Department of Employment, Employment, Workplace Relations and Employment Services said it was concerned that recruitment had become a “disgrace” and was looking to “take further action”.

The letter said it had raised the issue with the agency’s chief recruitment officer, who was contacted by The Independent last week.

It said it “will be working with you to ensure that you take the necessary action”.

“I understand you have received the letter and are working with the Agency to review this matter, but I would like to ensure you receive this assurance that I will take the appropriate action,” Ms Zappan said.

“The Agency has received numerous complaints about the recruitment process.

I am deeply concerned about this situation.

I know that you are taking the appropriate actions to ensure a smooth transition for the staff in our workforce.”‘

This is unacceptable’The letter was addressed to Mr Wicks, who has been with EY for 14 years.

It reads: “It is clear that the recruitment and retention of qualified staff is not being done properly by your agency.

This is unacceptable.”

You should be taking action now and not wait until you are already facing a difficult challenge to achieve your goal of creating more talented, innovative and caring people.

“The letter continued: “We will work with you in order to ensure the recruitment of qualified people.

I would urge you to make immediate changes to your recruitment processes.

“Ms Zappall said it is the second time the Department has asked EY to provide information.

It also said it has contacted other institutions, including the University of Queensland, to ensure it is meeting the requirements for an accredited institution.”

We are in the process of looking at this matter with other institutions to ensure we are complying with all applicable regulatory requirements and we will be in touch with them when appropriate,” Ms Wacks said.’

No longer fit to recruit’The Government is considering whether the recruitment agency’s hiring procedures are fit for purpose, the letter said.

The letter, dated August 5, said the Department was “confident that it can do better”.”

In particular, it is concerned about the lack of leadership from your managing director and that the organisation is struggling to recruit people, particularly in a competitive environment,” it said.

Ms Zapps said the department was working with Eys managing director to address the issues raised.”

I would encourage you to provide an updated update to your organisation on how this issue is being addressed, and what further action you are considering, so we can make sure we are ensuring that you remain fit to hire qualified staff,” she said.


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