Georgetown University forum to discuss cyber-attacks

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Georgetown University has scheduled a forum Wednesday to discuss a cybersecurity issue that threatens to undermine the credibility of U.S. institutions.

The debate will focus on the threats posed by the nation’s most widely used attack tool, a piece of software known as a DDoS attack, and the threat it poses to U.P.S., a nonprofit university founded by Georgetown students in 2002.

The DDoS threat poses the potential for a wave of attacks, particularly by foreign adversaries that would disrupt critical systems and the U.K. government, according to cybersecurity experts.

It’s also seen as an attack on the U,S.

economy, and Georgetown, the first public institution to be hacked, said Matthew Prince, the university’s executive director for global partnerships and education.

The forum, which is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m., is part of the university system’s ongoing effort to bolster security and reassure students and faculty that their personal data is safe.

The university will host a second cybersecurity meeting on Aug. 30, Prince said, adding that the U and the other institutions that are part of Georgetown will host additional sessions on cybersecurity after the first meeting.

The U.B.C. has scheduled another cybersecurity forum in June, but Prince said the next one will be held the following month.

He said Georgetown is “very concerned” about the cyber-attack threat posed by DDoS.

Prince said the university will take a “neutral stance” on any cyber-threats that might be coming from overseas.

The U.U.S.-China border is one such area, Prince added.

The conference will be open to anyone who has not attended Georgetown’s cybersecurity conference, which has attracted the attention of the Trump administration.

Prince noted that Georgetown students have organized two cyber-security workshops in the past two years, both focused on the threat of the DDoS, but the first one was canceled because of safety concerns.

In a blog post Wednesday, Georgetown University said it will invite anyone who is interested to attend the forum.

Prince noted that the school is working with other U.W. and U.D. universities to ensure that they have adequate security measures.

The university will also host a cybersecurity workshop in conjunction with the UB.

S-China border on July 26, Prince wrote.UB.

A. has not scheduled a public event for the first cyber-conference scheduled for Sept. 12, Prince noted.

The event is the latest event to be held by Georgetown since the administration of President Donald Trump abruptly terminated a $100 million contract with a cybersecurity firm, Cambridge Analytica, in late February.

The school has been dealing with the fallout of the controversy and its role in the contract, which was terminated by the Trump White House, for months.

The school’s board of governors voted in March to terminate the contract in a closed session.


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