How do you get around the ‘universal’ label?

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A student from New Delhi was not pleased with the universal label put on the UGCU (Upper Secondary Education Council) forum, and complained to the government.

A group of students at the UGCE forum had put up a poster in the forum on February 16, the same day that the university’s new president was sworn in.

The poster stated that it was the first time the university had issued a “universal” tag to a student group.

The poster had gone on to say that the tag was not valid as the UUCC has a mandate from the Supreme Court to act as a body to address the needs of students.

The UGCUs (Universities in Gujarat) were not happy with the decision and issued a notice to the university.

The notice also said that the student group had violated the guidelines of the UUGC.

“The university’s move to introduce the ‘Universal’ tag to the UUGC forum has violated the ‘Universality of Academic Activity’ of the University of Gujarat (UUG),” the notice said.

The notice also asked the university to reconsider its decision.

“It is unfortunate that the ‘UUC’ tag has become a rallying cry of the student activist groups.

There should be no confusion between UUC and UGC,” it added.

The ‘universal tag’ is one of a number of popular terms used to mark students’ affiliation with the university, and has been around for years.

It was introduced in 2001 and is an acronym that is commonly used on university posters.

According to a report in The Indian Express, the UUC is one such student group which has used the term “universal tag” for a long time.

Students at the school have said the tag is used to distinguish themselves from other students who do not belong to the same academic category.


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