How to get an independent third party auditor’s report on a university forum

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The next big thing in video game certification is getting third parties to audit your school, university, and even the games you play.

Now, the video game community is up in arms about an audit by a private company that’s trying to get them to do it.

The university’s student forum has been the site of several scandals, including the theft of millions of dollars from the university and the mishandling of funds.

But now, it’s trying again to get third parties involved in an audit that’s going to make its students sick.

This time, it wants a third party auditing the entire campus.

The student forum is run by a small, independent company called The College Game Technology, which, according to the company’s website, “provides high quality and timely game certification for more than 3,000 schools worldwide.”

That’s a pretty ambitious target.

“They’re trying to audit every single school on the planet, they’re trying in this day and age to audit video games, and they want us to do this audit,” one anonymous forum member said.

“The problem with that is it is so ridiculous.”

But the student forum isn’t the only school getting audited.

The university is also seeking a third-party audit of all its campuses.

The student forum, by contrast, has only been around for a year and a half.

“We’re very, very excited about this opportunity to get this audit done,” said Adam Daley, a University of Pennsylvania student who works as a project manager on the university’s video game audit team.

“It’s going into a very different world now, where all of these institutions are in the same boat and are trying to have audited processes and get them in compliance with the requirements of the audit.”

It’s unclear whether the company is actually auditing all the universities on the globe, but it’s hard to imagine that any school that uses video games as part of its curriculum won’t be audited by someone.

The University of Pittsburgh is one of the few that has, and that audited the forum after its audit, according the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The company is not the only company in the business of video game auditing.

Other universities have auditors on their campuses, but these are typically small companies that don’t handle the large amounts of money that are involved.

The College of the Atlantic, for instance, had its own video game auditor hired last year.

In its audit of the university, it found that the company had a “failure to adequately address the problems that exist” with its audit process.

That audit, however, is not an audit of The College at All, which has its own auditor and is auditing other schools as well.

Instead, the audit is looking at the entire university, which includes every school that hosts video games on its campus, including independent video game developers like Bluehole and Microsoft.

In an interview with Kotaku, the university said that The College had been a “high-priority target” for its audit because of the large amount of money it has lost to scamming.

But it was also clear that it’s not the first company to go after the student forums.

The company said that it hired an independent auditor to conduct an audit last year and that it will continue to audit the student video game forum.

The College of Southern California has audited several forums since it was founded in 2007, but the school is not auditing The College anymore.

“We’re still working with our auditor to get a complete audit, and we’ll be able to tell you more about that when we do,” a spokesperson told Kotaku.

“However, we do not have an audit in place at this time.

We’re working with an independent audit company to get it done.”

That’s a significant step forward.

While the university was initially reluctant to have a third person auditing a forum, it now says it’s going ahead.

“When the college has a problem, we’re going to take steps to make sure that we have the best auditor on the staff and have a good auditor for all the students,” said The College’s spokesperson.

“There is a lot of value in having an independent auditing company that has expertise in their field, and if they can make a difference in the quality of our auditing, then we’ll continue to do that.”

For now, though, the auditors are going to have to be careful what they ask.

“They need to be very careful about asking about any private data, because it’s confidential information,” said Daley.

“If they are not confident in the data that they’re going get, then they’re not going to get anything back from us.”

“We want to be a really, really safe space for our students,” The College added in a statement.

“This audit will make sure our students have a great experience


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