How to Get Your Free University Forums: Here’s What You Need to Know

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What’s in a name?

The names on a school’s official websites are the words that stand for its name, its governing body or the school’s mission.

And while those names can be confusing, the official logos and mascots of schools are often much more useful.

Here’s what you need to know to be able to find out what those logos and mascot names mean.


What is a university?

A university is a school whose mission and goals are aligned with those of the public university.

For example, a private university might be a university that trains students to become lawyers, engineers or teachers, while a public university might teach its students to read and write.

Universities typically have three primary missions: teaching, learning and scholarship.


What’s the difference between public and private universities?

Private universities have their own governing bodies, while public universities operate under a system of accreditation that requires them to meet certain standards.

A private university’s accreditation is tied to its students and faculty, while an public university’s is tied solely to its alumni.


What does “official” mean in universities?

“Official” means that the university or college is recognized by the government or an entity that governs it.

A public university, for example, would be recognized by both the U.S. Department of Education and the National Association of Secondary Schools.


What are the different types of student learning that go into the official logo of a university or a public college?

Students in private universities have the option to study as a student body, a part-time student or an enrolled student.

Part-time students, who often do not earn a degree, are given courses that are unpaid, and enrolled students are given tuition-free classes that are subsidized.

In addition, the majority of the tuition for students enrolled in part-timers is paid by the school.

In contrast, students enrolled on full-time, or full-year, schedules receive tuition-paid classes that they can pay for themselves.

A student enrolled in full-tuition, or a student enrolled for the first time on a part time basis, receives tuition-funded fees.

In a public school, all students, regardless of whether they are enrolled in the full- or part-year schedule, receive tuition free of charge.

Public schools also offer scholarships and other financial aid for students who attend private institutions.


What kinds of programs do public universities offer?

Public universities offer several different types, including: Writing, reading and math courses


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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