How to handle a potential sexual assault accusation: Report it to police

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A student at a university in northern Ontario is accusing a male professor of sexual assault, alleging the professor engaged in unwanted sexual contact in front of her.

Laurie L. Ouellette, 21, was suspended after she filed a complaint with the University of Ottawa police.

Oiellette said she was “dismayed” after learning her allegations would not be investigated by university police.

The university said it would review the allegations.

The complaint comes amid a wave of sexual misconduct allegations against prominent U.S. politicians, including Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Roy Moore and others.

Ouellette said the professor, who has not been identified, had “unwanted physical contact with me” when she was in her first year at the university in October.

She said the sexual contact began while she was seated at a table in the classroom, and she began to feel a sensation when the professor touched her shoulder, but the professor did not continue.

The professor then said to her, “I want you to lay back and relax,” and to Ouellett “You are making me uncomfortable.”

The professor then pulled her hair and began rubbing her shoulder and buttocks, Ouellette said.

Oiellette says the professor told her he could do anything he wanted to her and that he “was in love with me.”

She alleges the professor was a “vulnerable, vulnerable man,” who was not a “professional” in his field, and that Ouelle was intimidated by the professor’s behavior.

Oriellette said he made sexual comments about her appearance and told her that he would be “willing to kiss her in public.”

She said she did not know what the professor had planned to do with her after the encounter, but that she was told by her dean that she had to report the incident to the university.

The university said in a statement that the university will review the allegation and the university’s process of investigating it.

Ossie Ouelley, a spokesman for the university, said the university does not comment on the specific allegations.

Ouedley said the dean who initially brought the case was relieved that the case had been resolved.

The alleged incident occurred in November 2016, Ouedles said.

Oriellette did not say how many years she was at the University, nor did she specify when she started her career at Concordia.

The University of Alberta has also launched an investigation into the matter.

Oullette, who was a student at the time, said she filed the complaint with university police on Sept. 19, but said the investigation had not yet begun.

Ouedlette said Ouellete has not provided her name or her email address.

The University of Waterloo also is investigating the matter, said university spokesperson Ryan MacLeod.

In October, a woman at the Toronto Art Gallery said she said a male colleague groped her at a dinner party.

The woman, who requested anonymity, said a man grabbed her arm and pressed her face into his crotch.

The man left the party, but she was later asked by the woman’s partner to come to the party.

Oullette said a female associate who was present at the dinner told her she felt uncomfortable, but did not mention sexual contact.

The associate said the woman reported the incident, but no charges were filed against the man, according to the Toronto Star.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported on Monday that Ontario Provincial Police is investigating two separate incidents in the past week involving men who are accused of touching women without consent.

A woman who told police she was sexually assaulted in a Toronto restaurant has alleged the man who assaulted her was a senior manager at the restaurant.

In a CBC News interview with CBC Toronto’s Mariam Karouny, the woman said she felt threatened and intimidated by a male supervisor who asked her to drink tea with him at a restaurant in Toronto’s west end on Oct. 25.

The woman said the supervisor then approached her and touched her breasts and genitals, which made her feel uncomfortable.

The worker then left the restaurant without offering her a refund, the CBC reported.

The CBC also reported on Sunday that the man accused of groping and kissing a woman in the subway has denied the allegations and said he was at a party in Scarborough.


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