How to post about your college experiences

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A forum on college experiences has sprung up for parents to share their college experiences, and it is gaining popularity.

College is a powerful time for students, parents and communities, but there are some challenges to navigating the time, said Mark Smith, who started the College Answers forum in late March to help parents understand how to post their college experience.

There are a few things you need to know, said Smith, the president of The Answer Network, a website that helps parents with questions about college.

You can’t make assumptions about someone’s college experience, so you can’t rely on an official transcript or a grade.

But you can learn a lot from their college life.

You can post about their life in college, their college grades, where they went to school and the things that make them tick.

You also need to be respectful of their privacy, said Melissa Linn, who founded College Answers last year.

Parents can’t assume someone’s a student without getting to know them better, Linn said.

If someone is interested in the same college, they can ask questions.

And when they tell you about their college, it can help you understand what their college was like.

But parents shouldn’t use the forum to bully students or create fake posts.

Linn suggested that parents who post about themselves should use that information to help guide their kids toward college.

In a post to College Answers, a forum for parents and college students, the moderator said parents need to take the following steps to better protect their children:Ask them to take time to think about their own college experience and their peers.

Ask them to tell you what they like about the school and how it’s changed them.

Talk to them about what they’ve learned from college, the lessons they’ve found and what they think will help them navigate college.

Ask them how to best navigate college in their lives.

It’s important to give students an opportunity to say what they learned, Lint said.

They need to also ask questions about how they might use that knowledge.

Students have the opportunity to help shape their own experiences by sharing their own stories and sharing how their parents helped them navigate the college experience for them.

The students will be featured on the forum and their parents can be credited for any tips they provide, said Lint.

Parents who want to share the information are encouraged to link to their college answers or blog post on their own website.

Parents are encouraged not to share any personal information, such as their personal phone numbers and email addresses, with the college answers.

The College Answers Forum is an effort by Lint, a teacher at the University of Wyoming, and her husband, Jeff Lint of WyoTech, to make college easier for parents, students and others.

It is the first forum for college students and their families on the web, Linsons husband said.


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