Is computer science hard?

Computer science is the discipline of study related to the development of computer hardware and software along with their security. From developing electronic components of computers to developing software to run the systems and programming the functions to come in this field. For instance, you are reading this article as this is written in code by the programmer, and the medium on which you are reading this ie, screen, is all connected with computer engineering.

Computer science is a wide field of work but connected. Computer engineers work scattered from doing heavy calculations through supercomputer to just making a simple app. The modern advancements in the field is towards the artificial intelligence that combines advanced electronics with the computer. Apart from other engineering courses, this is work on chair job.

Computer engineers typically do the following: Develop and design the parts of the computer and test itDevelope the software and programs for the running of the systems developed the programs and mediums to run on online platforms. Perform some advanced jobs like cloud computing, data mining etc. Ensures the security of offline and online platforms from malware and hackers.

Is computer engineering hard?

Talking from the experience of other students, some portion of the course is quite easily such as coding or programming for various applications. But on the other hand some section is tough enough to make some students quit. The complex algorithm to solve numerical problems may be hard for any computer aspirant. Also the dropout of students in the computer science department is seen as higher than in some other streams. Some students choose this stream due to mathematics fear, but they can’t escape from mathematics even in this field. The algebraic and algorithm is closely connected with computer numerals used for programming.

Even the nature of work may not be physically suitable for some students. You have to sit on a chair for a full hour in front of screens which may cause shoulder pains and eye strains. Unlike other streams, you do fewer physical activities during work, which can cause increased weight and other diseases. So you have to take proper care of yourself.

There is also another side of the story which is actually the brightest side that attracts students in this department. Some of the world’s biggest and richest companies are related to computer. The companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are leading the world at this time. If you will get placed in these companies as an engineer or as a scientist, nothing better than that. This is actually desirable to any student. These tech giants pay as much as you will get nowhere.

The number of computer-related jobs is increasing every year. The tech companies are taking engineers from all around the world having bright minds. So there is a nice career in this field. It is seen that the computer science jobs have tripled during the time span of just five years as there are lots of websites that have come in the market like e-commerce, e-payments and other such. These companies hire fresh minds who can contribute new ideas. So freshers have no problems getting jobs in this field.
Due to the increase in e-payments and services, there is a need of security from hackers and spammers, called e-security. This leads to other job options as e-security officials. These engineers are in great demand by companies in these days who can make their data more safe and more secure. Overall the computer science degree is worth it.

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