Man in China posts anti-Semitic comments online

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Posted November 21, 2018 08:30:54The man who has since been identified as a man who goes by the handle of “Shark” on the popular Chinese-language microblogging site Weibo has been identified by the local government as a member of the Communist Party of China’s Youth League.

Shark, whose real name is Wang Yan, made the posts on Weibo on October 29, which were later removed.

On the same day, Wang published a lengthy post, which includes the following:”It is a big problem for us as young people.

When we grow up, we have to do the work of our families and work for our families.

When it comes to our jobs, we are afraid.

We have to keep our jobs.

We are afraid that if we don’t do the job well, we will be fired.

I think it is our responsibility.

The Communist Party is our enemy.

I want to go to the Party and work there.

I’m a youth, I don’t have any relatives.

I don, so I’ll go there.

What’s the difference between the Communists and the other people?

It’s that the other is in power.

We’re not in power, so we won’t work for the Party.”

The posts prompted many people to call out the man for his hateful comments.

On November 17, the Chinese Communist Party posted on Weixin, an online forum that allows users to post comments and ask questions, a post that has since gone viral.

On November 21 the man posted another message on Weiqing, an international forum that can be found on Wechat.

It reads:”Shark is an idiot.

You don’t know what you are talking about.

It’s true that we can’t do it ourselves.

But you have to learn to think for yourselves.

We need the help of other people.”

The comments prompted many to call for the man to be prosecuted.

On December 5, a petition that has gathered more than 1.5 million signatures was posted on the online forum Weixing, demanding the man be prosecuted and put on trial for hate speech.

The petition reads: “Sharks statements are hate speech and the people who posted them are in direct violation of law.

They are not merely stupid, they are also dangerous.

They should be prosecuted as such.”

In a statement on Weipi, the Weibo platform, a spokesperson for the local Communist Party said the man’s statements were “extremely dangerous and hurtful,” adding: “The Communist Party has a zero tolerance for hate crimes, which is a very good thing.”


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