Microsoft’s Rowan University Forum Gets New Twitter and Facebook Platforms

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Microsoft is rolling out new social networking platforms and new apps for Rowan university students, but the company is still not ready to say exactly how many students will have access to the new platforms.

The new platforms are called Universal Devices and will be available to students at Rowan from April 15 to May 11.

Microsoft said on Tuesday that the new platform will allow students to easily share, organize and search the university’s wide array of social media profiles, videos and photos, all from the comfort of their home.

The company did not disclose a price tag for the Universal Devices.

Rowan’s new platforms have been in the works for about a year and are expected to be rolled out in spring 2018.

Microsoft says the new social platforms will allow Rowan students to post photos, videos, and more with their own hashtags, but did not say when they would be available.

A university spokesperson said the new apps would be rolled-out in early 2019.

Microsoft declined to provide any details about the new features that students will be able to use on Universal Devices, saying only that Universal Devices will “provide a robust experience for students and faculty who want to share photos, share videos, organize their work and collaborate online.”

Microsoft announced the Universal devices on March 12, a day before it launched the Windows 10 Mobile operating system for Windows phones.

Universal Devices is expected to allow students at both Rowan and the University of Waterloo to access Rowans new platform, but not all Rowan campuses will be receiving the new universal platforms.

Microsoft announced on March 13 that the university had been granted a license to use the new Universal Devices for the new Windows 10 mobile platform.

Microsoft plans to roll out Universal Devices to its entire undergraduate student population, including students who do not have Rowan ID and are in the process of completing their education, according to Microsoft.


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