The history of the Falkland Islands debate

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A history of international affairs debate forum The history and politics of the debate forum was set up by The Times in the mid-1990s.

In the wake of the invasion, which saw a Falkland Islanders delegation from Argentina take part, it became an international forum.

It was renamed the International Association for the Advancement of European Human Rights, or IAHRE, after the Falklands Islands, the British government’s colonial territory, and was renamed as the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in 2010.

The IAHR is currently chaired by the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, and consists of delegates from 50 countries, with the largest number from Britain.

The forum’s website is now closed, and the committee’s website no longer exists.

The debate forum became embroiled in controversy in 2010, when it emerged that the head of the committee was a British citizen, James Aitken, who was paid a total of $1,835,000 (£1,500,000) by the United Kingdom, according to the IAHRS website.

Aitkons job was not revealed until he was nominated as a member of the UNHRC in December 2015.

It has been criticised for what some have said was an excessive use of money and for the lack of transparency surrounding the appointment of the panel’s chair.

In response to questions on the IHRC’s selection process, a spokesperson for the Iahres chair, Peter Gourlay, said the committee “recognises the importance of transparency and openness to allow for a fair and transparent process of selection”.

The chair’s responsibilities are not open to the public and it is not possible to comment on the selection process itself, he added.

The panel is expected to meet next month to consider the future of the event.

The controversy over the IHER has become particularly acute because of the appointment by Ban Ki Moon, who served as UN secretary-general until becoming UN secretary of state.

He has called for an independent commission of inquiry into the Falklander islands’ independence, which Ban has refused to appoint.

The UNHRS has not commented on the controversy.


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