‘The Last Jedi’ Review: The ‘Star Wars’ Cinematic Universe Is Not Just for Fans

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It’s no secret that Star Wars is a great franchise.

And with the release of The Last Jedi, it looks like the franchise may continue to dominate the box office.

But does this new film represent a new beginning for the franchise?

That’s the question the community has been asking as fans have been trying to figure out just how much of this story we’ll actually see.

That’s why we’re reviewing ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ as well as the film’s prequels, prequel trilogy, prequel sequels, and prequel spin-offs.

And for now, let’s start with the ‘Star War’ story, where we learn what happens to Luke Skywalker.

The Last Emperor The Last Emperor is the final chapter in the Skywalker saga, and it will be the story that sets the stage for a new chapter of the Skywalker family.

In the novelization, we learn that the Emperor (Mark Hamill) was responsible for the destruction of the Galactic Empire.

This makes sense, since it’s his goal to destroy all the Jedi, which he did, and he wants to kill Luke Skywalker to achieve that goal.

In the new film, we meet Rey, who is introduced to Luke as a young girl.

Rey has become a Force-sensitive after a battle with Kylo Ren.

She’s been raised as a Jedi by Luke, and Luke tells her he has a lightsaber to give her, but that he won’t take it from her.

Rey is a young, impressionable girl who wants to be a Jedi, and she’s willing to put herself through all the tests that Luke is willing to go through in order to fulfill his destiny.

In addition, she has a very powerful dark side, which she is trying to keep hidden from Luke.

As Luke begins to learn more about Rey’s dark side abilities, we also learn that her parents are dead, and her older sister is dead.

Luke has also lost a loved one to the dark side and has been alone, trying to find his purpose and his way back to the light.

This leads Luke to start considering his future as a leader.

Luke is conflicted about what he wants in his life.

After meeting with his Jedi Master, Rey has her first real conversation with Luke.

She says that she’s been waiting for him to tell her about his father, which is why she’s ready to take the Sith Lord’s lightsaber.

Luke responds that he’s glad she’s there to tell him.

The two of them then have a moment together, and when Rey asks why she is going after the Emperor, Luke says that it’s time to take over the galaxy.

Luke tells her that he’ll be leading a new Jedi Order.

They’ve all grown up together, but they still have differences, and that they must work together to save the galaxy from destruction.

Luke says he wants Rey to join him as a Sith Lord, and we learn why he was hesitant to use Luke’s lightsaber to kill Kylo.

It was only when Kylo was murdered that Luke realized that he was the only one who could save the Empire.

And Luke wants to take control of the Jedi Order and use them to fight against the Sith.

So in his heart, he knows he has to take that power, and Kylo’s death has driven him to think of what he’d do to be the man who would take on the Empire’s greatest threat.

Now that Luke has realized that the only way to defeat the Empire is to take on its leader, Luke is ready to become the new Emperor.

We don’t know exactly what happens next in the film.

We do know that Luke goes into hiding, where he has been training as a way to keep his dark side hidden.

Luke’s wife and his children are living in the city of Coruscant, and Rey is on her own.

When Luke returns to Coruscance to visit his daughter, she reveals that she was sent to the planet Raxus, where she is being raised by her uncle, Han Solo, the first Human to walk the stars.

Han Solo says that Leia will be raised by Han Solo and Luke, but the two do not talk about what’s going to happen to Luke.

It’s clear that they both know that it will happen soon, but Luke’s plan to take Rey into the shadows seems to be coming to a sudden end.

When Luke returns home, he finds that his wife and son are gone, and his wife is living with her mother.

The only thing he can find is a note that says that his daughter has been adopted by the Imperial Knights.

“The Last Force,” the title of the movie, means that the Jedi have finally found their true enemy.

The Imperial Knights are a force that’s powerful enough to crush the Jedi. Luke and


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