The ‘real’ reason why conservatives hate feminism

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The real reason why the left hates feminism is because it isn’t about women.

In fact, it’s all about the patriarchy.

In a new book, author Kate Harding writes that she was shocked to discover that liberals are the only ones who hate feminism.

“The left hates women, they hate women, and they hate men, and their hatred of women is universal.

They hate women because of who they are, who they want to be, who society expects them to be,” Harding said in a video on her website.

“They hate women to make it easier to be women.

They’re a homogenous group of people who just want to impose their views on everyone else.”

But what does this mean for conservatives?

In Harding’s view, feminists are trying to destroy a society that has worked so hard to empower women and create a new one where women don’t have to be so afraid to speak their minds.

Harding, who is currently a doctoral student at Emory University, also believes that “women should not have the right to speak out for themselves.”

Instead, Harding argues, they should have the power to decide what their beliefs are and should be exposed to.

“You don’t really need the right of people to tell you what you can and cannot do,” Harding told The American Conservatives.

“It’s not about the right, it has nothing to do with it.

What is important is for women to decide their own lives.

It’s important for women not to be afraid to say what they believe.

It has nothing whatsoever to do in any way with the rights of women to speak for themselves or their own needs.

It is the same thing that’s happened to women throughout history and the world.

Women have always been the ones who made the choices.

They have always had the power.”

And Harding believes the left’s obsession with feminism is one of its biggest weaknesses.

It’s a false choice, Harding said.

It was never a choice of what you believe in, but what you do, and what you say.

The real issue is not the right versus the left.

What’s important is to know what you’re really fighting for, which is a society where women can choose to do what they want and be who they really want to become, instead of being judged for who they’re attracted to.

When Harding started her research, she found that liberals were more likely to oppose feminism than conservatives.

But after researching other issues, Harding says that conservatives are becoming more vocal about their support for women.

For example, Harding believes that when liberals are attacked, they respond by blaming feminists for the attack.

But the truth is, Harding found that conservatives who are attacked are more likely than liberals to respond in kind.

If you believe that a man can’t be trusted with a gun, and a woman cannot be trusted to give birth to a child, then you have to accept that the man can and should kill the woman, and you can’t have that in a family, Harding added.

And, as Harding points out, a lot of the time, people who support women’s rights have been accused of doing so because they support abortion rights, because they’re pro-life, because of their views.

This doesn’t mean that conservatives should feel safe, Harding wrote in the book.

They can always go on the Internet and find information that shows that liberals aren’t always so bad.

In fact, Harding writes, conservatives need to keep in mind that they have many allies in the left who want to protect women.

“I think it’s very important to remember that not everyone who supports women’s right to choose is a feminist,” Harding wrote.

“But many of them are.

Some of them have been on the left for decades and are just as supportive of women’s freedom to decide for themselves whether they want an abortion or not.

Others may have been a little more anti-abortion and pro-choice, but still think women have a right to make their own reproductive decisions.”

The real reason that conservatives hate feminists is because they aren’t about the women, but the men.

They don’t care about women, Harding points.

“And they don’t like men, either,” Harding continued.

“So if they really are against men, then they hate us too.”

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