Top 10 MBA Programs in the World

MBA, master of business administration is a master’s degree in business management.It is truly professional degree. Kindly mba is the most popular program among youths in these days upon other management degrees.Even students from other stream do mba to find a better job.A degree of mba from reputed management schools can sky rocket your career.

top 10 MBA programs
top 10 mba programs

List of Top MBA Programs

Mba programs as the name suggest is the different types of mba courses depending upon the time taken to complete. The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business such as accounting, applied statistics, business ethics, business law,business communication, finance, managerial economics, management, marketing and operations etc. Each programs has its accredited value.Any one can complete one or even more one programs.

Here is the list of top mba programs in the world

Full-Time MBA (2 years)

This is traditional and general form of mba degree format that gives students a detailed and complete knowledge of business functions and how business leaders rise to meet the variated and changing situations and challenges. Majority of the management schools and colleges offer this type of mba.It has been most popular among other mba programs. A research by ( shows that the full-time MBA is still by far the most popular format and is under the consideration of 79% of MBA candidates worldwide.

Accelerated MBA

This is typically same as full time mba program but takes shorter period of times to complete.This is also sometimes called as a 1-year mba program.Those fellow who are already working in the business field, as well as those who took some business courses during their bachelor’s degree program, might be eligible for an accelerated mba.

Part-time MBA

As the name suggests, this mba programs impart study in part time.This program is meant for working professional who want to earn an mba degree without taking break from job.Usually classes are held in evening or during a weekend. This type of degree is also popular among those who have missed the chance of doing mba and have started working.

Executive MBA

Executive mba or EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) is an mba program basically designed to educate experienced working executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders who want to earn their degree with holding a full-time job.This is little bit more advance than full-time mba.

International Business (MIB)

This mba program is for those who want to establish or accelerate a career in international business.This is somewhat complex study which touches global business functions and relations.The courses may be given on home soil or the portion of course may be given overseas.

Modular MBA

In this type of mba, the education given through online webinars, discussion groups, research assignments, and distance learning formats.The study combines full-time education with part-time pakages.

Distance MBA

In this type of program, education is imparted to the students without being their physical presence in the classroom. They read normally on screen or through assignments.This type of mba is suited for those who not want to relocate or move to get education and want to study at home or their desired place.This gives full flexibility to students to work or do other activities.

Dual MBA

In this mba program, students completes two masters degree in different specialization in fast track mode.The education is given at two different MBA institutions who have a tie-up and are offering an MBA jointly.This takes lesser time to complete comparing to the traditional one.For an instance, NYU Stern and HEC Paris. Candidates get an MBA from both these participating institutions. At the end of the dual mba, you will have vast knowledge in the two selected specializations.

Online MBA

This is just same as distance mba.The only differene is that the education is totally given on online mode. It improves graduates’ employability and earning power without interrupting their careers. Further, because students access lectures, coursework and other materials online, they do not have to relocate themselves and their families to attend class. This is also one of the popular mba programs.

Global MBA

This type of mba is sometime taken as international business, but it is different from that. The knowledge delivered will be focused on business practices in different regions and territories which can help the global business professional new ways of doing business and also regulations that apply on a global level and not just a domestic level.

Top Careers After an MBA

Career after an mba is not just promising but also rewarding.An mba degree can make your career graph in upward. There is a huge need of skilled manage professionals for business operations.Apart from working in a companies, an mba holder can also be an entrepreneur.The business skills taught during the course will be useful for starting a business in financing, investing and running in a sound and professional way.

Here is the list of top mba fields

  • Banking and Finance
  • Information System Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Management Consulting
  • Data Analytics
  • HR Manager
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Entrepreneurship

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