What’s the difference between the ‘Top Universities’ forum and the ‘Free University Forum’?

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There are some differences.

The first is that the Top Universities forum is not the forum where the top universities meet.

It is a list of the top 20 universities in the world, and that list includes the likes of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford University.

That list also includes the UK’s top four universities. 

There are other differences too.

The Top Universities Forum is a private organisation.

The University of London is listed on the ‘University of London Forum’ forum, and the University of York on the Forum of Universities.

Both of these are public bodies. 

Both have members, universities and students who are involved in the discussion. 

And the Forum is open to the public, and members can submit their own comments. 

The forum also has its own ‘rules’, which are laid out in a list posted on the forum.

They include the ‘no political correctness’ principle, which means it’s OK to disagree with or criticize the views of other users.

But they also include some guidelines, such as that ‘people should not take offence to people’s views on issues like immigration and race’. 

And it’s also OK to point out how universities have done or have done in addressing issues of race, class, gender and sexuality, as well as the need for greater equality and opportunity for students of colour. 

Some have said the forum is an ‘anonymously generated forum’, and that its members are not registered with the university. 

“Some people have tried to claim the forum has been used by university officials to blacklist members or to shut down discussion,” said David Lipsky, a former student at the University at Buffalo, New York. 

Lipsky says he and others have written to the university asking for the forum to be shut down.

He said he was surprised to learn about the site because he said it had never existed. 

I feel that the university has tried to censor the forum, he said.

“They’re trying to say that the forum was created by university administrators, but it’s actually created by students, and I think that’s a big problem,” he said, adding that he felt like he had been labelled a racist.

Lipski is not alone.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the university said that it was working with “an independent, third-party vendor to remove content from the forum” that had been “incorrectly identified as infringing on the rights of others”.

“We have not found evidence that the ‘forum’ has been created by anyone in any way and we do not recognise or condone any misuse of the forum,” they said.


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