When did the diesel cars start making a comeback?

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By TOM GAFFINI, Associated PressWhen did the old diesel cars stop being as popular as the new ones?

The answer has never been easy to find.

The most recent news on diesel cars is that Volkswagen, one of the biggest U.S. carmakers, has announced plans to sell more diesel cars than the company ever has.

That announcement came on Feb. 10, 2017, when Volkswagen said it would make more than 1.4 million of the diesel vehicles it produces for its U.K.-based Audi brand.

The announcement has sparked interest in diesel cars worldwide, with VW announcing in January 2018 that it would sell a total of 1.5 million diesel cars.

That means VW will sell more than two-thirds of its diesel fleet.

It also makes it easy to understand why diesel cars are getting a second glance.

A lot of people still don’t understand the difference between diesel and regular gasoline engines, which is why VW made the announcement.

The diesel cars that Volkswagen has made are made from a fuel called propane, which produces the same high-pressure fumes as gasoline.

Propane, the company said in a statement, “is the cleaner fuel that’s been used in all diesel cars.”

But propane is also used in a number of other diesel engines, including some of Volkswagen’s smaller vehicles.

Propanethanol, or propane-diesel hybrids, are made with propane instead of gasoline, and they have the same pollution levels as regular gasoline.

Volkswagen said in an emailed statement that “we are committed to ensuring that all of our vehicles will meet our emissions targets,” and that the company plans to launch “a wide variety of diesel-powered vehicles in the near future.”

Propane-diesel hybrids have been popular in Europe, where they can be used in vehicles that can be bought on the open market.

But the U.k. and the United States have never been particularly keen on the hybrids, and the government in Britain has prohibited sales of them, and diesel cars in the U, S. and Canada have not been allowed to use them.

Some of the most common diesel cars made in the United Kingdom, such as the BMW 3 Series, are powered by propane engines.

And the U.”s most popular diesel cars, such a Toyota Camry and Nissan LEAF, use diesel engines as well.

Volkswagen has been trying to sell diesel cars since the 1980s, but the company is no longer the largest engine maker in the world.

Volkswagen and the European Union have said they will not ban the use of propane in diesel vehicles, but they have agreed to limit the amount of diesel in the vehicles that they sell.

It is also possible that the diesel car will become more popular as technology improves.

Propylene-diesels are used to make paints, which are often made from natural substances such as rubber and wood.

A new technology, called “oxygen-free” or “oxy-free,” can also make the paint more flexible and lighter, and it has been used to produce paints for many years.

Volkswagen, which has a large global sales network, will likely use the new technology to sell its diesel cars at the best prices.

But it’s not clear whether the new fuel will be the answer to the diesel crisis.

Many diesel cars have been designed with carbon dioxide as a secondary fuel source, and there are some diesel engines that can run on compressed natural gas, which means that the engine can run for years without running out of fuel.

It’s also possible, though, that a new technology will be able to use propane as the primary fuel source.

That would help diesel cars be more fuel efficient than regular gasoline cars, but it would also make diesel cars less competitive with conventional cars.

Even if the technology does come to the market, it could take a while before it’s widely used.

For example, a major U.N. agency, the World Health Organization, says that it is too early to tell how much diesel is safe for human consumption.

It says that the World Trade Organization, which regulates global trade, is evaluating whether a new rule that would allow the U to ban diesel engines is needed.

If the diesel engine ban were to become official, it would be the first major global move toward banning diesel cars as a fuel source for decades.

If the U., as a country, bans diesel engines in 2018, it will have been in a position to ban cars made from any fuel other than diesel for years to come.


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