Why Apple should buy Android: What’s the real deal?

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Apple has been rumored to be looking to buy the Android-based operating system, which is widely regarded as a mobile operating system.

Apple has not been publicly confirming the news, but a report from The Wall Street Journal earlier this week said that the company was “very close” to making a deal.

While Google’s Android smartphone operating system has proven to be a big hit in recent years, the company is struggling to compete with Apple and Microsoft.

That’s because Apple has dominated mobile devices for the past few years, while Google’s smartphones have largely been ignored.

Apple is also reportedly interested in buying Android, but with Android’s growing dominance over smartphones, there’s no guarantee that the two companies will agree on a deal in the near future.

The company has also reportedly tried to buy Motorola for years, only to see the deal fall through.

Android and iOS, which have dominated the mobile market for more than two decades, are not only highly competitive, but they also have the added benefit of having the backing of Google.

The two companies also have close relationships, including working together on the company’s Google Now search feature.

If Apple does purchase Android, it could significantly boost Apple’s position in the mobile smartphone market, with its iPhone rival Samsung leading the charge in that area.

Apple also has significant experience in mobile, having made an impact in the market in the past with its iPod touch and iPad.

The deal could also put the spotlight on Apple’s own efforts in mobile software, which has been plagued with technical glitches.

Apple also owns Beats, which makes the companys iPods, as well as the music streaming service iTunes, which serves as a competitor to Spotify.

If the company makes a bid for either of those businesses, it would be an indication that it is willing to spend a lot of money to gain control of the music industry.

Apple could also potentially benefit from the popularity of its iPad, which launched in 2012, and is still the most popular tablet in the U.S. Apple’s stock price has risen nearly 30 percent in 2017, making it one of the top-performing stocks on Wall Street.


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