Why did the Russian government try to kill me?

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Posted February 01, 2019 05:30:36Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government is planning to kill at least three dissidents from his United Russia party, an investigation by the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICRC) has revealed.

The committee, which has jurisdiction over Russian human rights violations, said the government is seeking to silence the three men after they staged a protest outside the Kremlin last year.

The three men, Ruslan Levashov, Alexei Navalny and Arkady Oreshkin, were arrested in November 2018 and accused of staging a protest in central Moscow against the Kremlin’s policies in the region.

The two men have denied the charges.

The ICRC said in a report that it had interviewed the men and other witnesses and concluded that “the actions taken by the Russian authorities against the three defendants, including the seizure of their property and their arrest and detention, constituted a violation of Article 20 of the Russian Constitution and were therefore unlawful”.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the report.

Levashov’s lawyer told the Investigative Court that the Russian prosecutors are attempting to cover up the actions of their clients, which amounted to “unlawful acts”.

The ICAC said the three suspects had been in touch with a lawyer in December and asked him to investigate.

“We have received information that the ICRC has been informed of the actions taken against the defendants and are taking legal action against them.

In this regard, we will present a preliminary report in a week’s time,” it said.

Navalny, the opposition leader and one of the leaders of Russia’s largest anti-corruption protest movement, said in February that he planned to take legal action over the arrests.

The four men were arrested during a protest rally in Moscow in February 2018 after they attempted to demonstrate outside the presidential residence in Moscow.

They were charged with incitement to commit a crime and a “criminal offence” and were later released.

Navyny said in November that he was planning to sue the Russian Government and the Russian Prosecutor General for their role in the case, accusing them of “imposing criminal sanctions against his activities and of seeking to discredit him”.


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